A fashion site to celebrate female beauty

A fashion site to celebrate female beauty and elegance through the years. Fashion has always been the "first sight" recognition tool to judge how old a picture, a person or a house are. Think about it: everytime we are in front of an image depicting a woman, in front of a house, a piece of furniture or we are just listening to an unknown song we say: oh yeah, this belongs to 50's, to 60's, to 70's and so on just because we recognize the "fashion" of that period, in dressing, in art, in music. We focus on woman style here, expecially from the beloved and never forgotten 70's. So we want to create here a not just a "Golden Oldies site", but a real Retro Fashion Portal to host and encourage all those fashion creators who share our same passion and find here a good AD site to promote their production. So, this is our startup, this site will be often changing and restyled but our purpose will be always the same: Give all people who share our same passion a key to enter the wonderland of Women Style and Fashion, from the simple idea of a style to the everyday life wear.
Something that can never be forgotten from that period are women's wooden slides that did break out in the early fifties and spread out in the mid Seventies. Those incredibly sexy pieces of wood are shaped to host the silhouette of a delicate female feet, just holding it with a leather strap held to the wood base with metal sutds and embellished with buckles, flowers, fruit, straps, diamonds and whatever Fashion Creators fantasy could imagine. This kind of shoes just grew up with mankind: wooden shoes were well known in Ancient Rome: they were actor's shoes in particular, called "soculum" which generated the Italian "zoccolo", the spanish "socas", the french "sabot". All over Europe they were well known as farmers and poor people shoes. In partcular in Italy they were until WW2, the most popular people's shoe. Women have always been into high heel wooden slides in Italy. In 1700 in Venice women used to wear high heeled clogs at their feet, sometimes even 2 feet high not just to appear taller but also to be able to walk in Venice streets keeping their feet dry from water and mud. In that period Venice Church banned the use of such shoes since they were too much in fashion and a woman using them were considered frivoluos. Maybe that's the reason why, those shoes in the past were considered Prostitutes' Shoes. The fashion made its work and remodeled this raw, ugly and somehow degradating shoe to make one of the most beloved accessoire in a woman wardrobe with a deep restyling and shaping which added to this piece of wood a high heel. One of the most popular Fashion Creator has been Fiorucci Fashion House which created the modern "Wooden Slide style" in the 50's in Italy. Happy surfing through the Seventies to everyone.